Piranha-Clamp Centering Vices

High precision with an unbeatable clamping force characterise the Piranha centering vice.

Piranha Clamp is unique on the market with a minimal 3 mm clamping depth, and an open construction which allows for easy chip removal.

The spindles can withstand pressures well above 1300 Nm². The gliding bars are coated, hardened and surface treated. This creates an extreme clamping force which eliminates the need for pre-clamping.

The patented quick-change system allows a swift changeover: Within a few seconds, a wide range of different clamping jaws can be changed.

The very low constructed Piranha Clamp zero-point clamping system provides the optimum interface to the machine and has a repetition accuracy of better than 0.01 mm.

All elements are 100% manufactured in Switzerland

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