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Geometry Correction

Using highly accurate measuring instruments, our trained technicians go to the very bottom of the problem on site, if manufactured products do not leave the plant with one hundred percent results.
Straightness, angularity and positional accuracy are determined and the machine is realigned with high precision based on these results. Customers who rely on this service can rule out nuances in the line geometry as a cause for rejects and thus expensive additional production costs. Our services may include replacement of linear guideways, ballscrews and bearings, rotary table overhauls and even spindle upgrades.

Refurbishment UK

Serviceable Life and Upgrades

Customers who rely on regular maintenance can often postpone comprehensive general overhauls of machines for years. In many cases, it is only individual machine components, such as tool changers, milling heads, measuring systems or a machine control system, that needs to be modernised. In a detailed consultation, Phase 3 CNC are happy to provide information on how existing systems can be converted and retrofitted with new functions.


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Spindle Repair

Depending on availability, we will supply you with an exchange spindle or repair your existing spindle. At the same time, we optimise the life expectancy of your spindle by using extreme load bearings and spring-loaded systems.

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Geometry Correction