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Industries and References

Industries and References Aviation


Minimum tolerances and a wide range of modern materials. These are the real challenges of the aerospace industry.

Demanding workpieces require demanding solutions. To provide these, we not only develop the machine required for the machining work, but also workpiece clamping systems specially tailored to the workpiece either as hard tooling systems or universal ‘multi-tooling clamp systems’. We supply turnkey solutions, all from one single source.

The high-performance chipping of aluminium or titanium and the machining of CFRP and other compound materials require different milling machines and machining centres – if desired, including hybrid process technology, such as abrasive water jet cutting or laser cutting and milling combined in one single system.

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Industries and References Rail Industry

Rail Industry

They need to be big, fast, reliable and, above all, robust: Milling systems for the manufacture of rail vehicles.

Many modern high-speed trains and trams are now manufactured worldwide from large-volume aluminium profiles and components. For this purpose, FOOKE developed milling systems and turnkey production centers in close cooperation with various customers as early as the 1990s.

As a reliable partner to our customers, we have of course consistently adapted our machines to meet the ever-increasing demands. For this reason, we are the global market leader in this segment.

In addition, friction stir welding systems (Friction-Stir Welding), welding and joining fixtures, assembly and erection stands round off our product portfolio for this industry.

Reliable, modern, economical.

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Industries and References Automobile


What used to be only possible through great manual skill, is now done to perfection by modern machine tools.

Surface quality and precision - these are the requirements of model, prototype and tool and mould making. Different materials, from rigid foam to alloyed tool steel, must be machined efficiently and reliably on one machine. FOOKE offers high-performance, highly dynamic 5-axis milling machines for this purpose.

Models and prototypes in particular, but also tools and moulds, are now machined linearly with the narrowest path distances. Partly in the classic 3+2 operation and increasingly also 5-axis simultaneous. In this type of machining, the programmed feed rate must be kept almost constant and at the same time at the highest level. Maximum rigidity of the machine structure elements and the feed drives are the basis for the best surface qualities and accuracies with outstanding productivity.

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