The ENDURA® high-speed range


The ENDURA® high-speed milling machine is suitable for every machining task


No matter how challenging the application – we can provide you with a suitable FOOKE ENDURA® CNC-controlled portal milling machine. The ENDURA® high-speed milling machine is a 5-axis milling machine as standard or can be designed specifically to customer requirements. The machines have a high machine dynamic with quick acceleration values and constantly high feed rates.

The portal milling machines have a higher speed level which allows better productivity. The Endura’s exceptional design generates less process and reaction forces on the machine and its structural elements. Consequently, the Endura machines stand out due to their excellent quality of movement coupled with high contour accuracy, producing an optimal surface quality and outstanding accuracy of the workpiece. Compared to other classical Gantry milling machines, the Endura range offers less wear.


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