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The ENDURA® PRO LINEAR is a 5-axis gantry – Long bed milling machine, especially designed for high-performance cutting of aluminum and composites profile structure elements. Its monoblock machine bed construction ensures a uniform load distribution.

Long traverse paths in X, Y and Z and the application of a highly rigid fork milling head, enable an efficient 5-axes processing of large volume, spatially curved and twisted workpieces, e.g. stringer and other structural components from the aviation industry.

The highly rigid construction of the structural and feed drives components results in highest dynamics as well as excellent accuracy of positioning and repeatability in the entire machining area.

The milling process of this 5-axis long bed profile milling machine is absolutely stable. Consequently, highest cutting rates up to 11.0 l/min are achieved with minimal wear of the milling cutting edge.

Endura Pro Linear


  • Highly dynamic GANTRY portal milling machine:
    Portal moving in X-direction.
  • Design of the machine:
    Machine bed (X-axis) made of a solid monoblock casting, cross slide, portal (Y-axis) and side walls as welded steel construction, walking beam (Z-axis) made of cast iron.
  • No foundation necessary:
    Due to the self-supporting machine bed, a standard industrial floor (reinforced with steel), approx. 400 mm thick, is sufficient for the assembly of the machine. A special foundation is not necessary. The machine is set up and aligned by means of fixations which are bolted down to the floor.
  • Drive technology of linear axes:
    Water-cooled linear motors in linear axes Y and Z, X-axis designed as rack-and-pinion GANTRY drive and drive unit motors in MASTER-SLAVE arrangement.
  • Direct measuring systems:
  • The X axis is equipped with indirect measuring system, the Y, Z and round axis are equipped with direct measuring systems.
  • Z-axis weight compensation:
    Two highly dynamic pneumatic cylinder support the drive of the Z-axis.
  • Safety system of linear axes:
    The linear axes are equipped with a safety system that can brake and safely hold the axes in case of voltage loss.
  • Linear axes guides:
    The linear axes are equipped with hardened and ground, backlash-free pre-tensioned guide elements.


  • Specialist for stringer and profil machining
  • Highly dynamic 5-axis machining of long workpieces
  • Material removal rates up to 11.0 l/min
  • Flexible workpiece clamping systems
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Two-station component machining for process-parallel loading
  • Monobloc machine bed design, modularly expandable
  • Encapsulated machining area by bullet-proof lamellas
  • Travels up to 60,000 x 3,500 x 1,500 mm
  • Range of materials: aluminum, composites (CFRP/GFRP)
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